Thursday, 27 January, 2005

Catch me if you can

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I just returned from purchasing some new running shoes. I realized it had been a year since I bought new running shoes and since I’ve worn this pair of sneakers quite a bit beyond the miles I’ve logged running in them I figured that even though they still felt fine, they probably wouldn’t after I wore shoes that still had support. You can see them here. If you click on the gray/blue color square you can see the actual color shoes I have. I’m hoping this will help my running, perhaps help my time or endurance. Or even just help with the aches I sometimes have in my knees when I’m stretching afterwards. Although that could be from stretching itself or just because I pushed myself running. Anyway, I got a great deal, $25 off, because of a sale they’ve been having so I’m thankful for that.

I’m a little more bummed about the price of the socks I also got today too, though not the socks themselves. They were on sale and decently priced for nike and adidas brand but 9 pairs were about half the price of the shoes. Even Hanes brand, which I also sometimes get, are a bit much if you think about it. But a large portion of my socks decided to get holes in the last laundry cycle, like honestly about 4 or 5 pairs, so I definitely need some new pairs. They’re comfortable too, as new socks should be, I just think that 6 pair of socks should be in the $3-4 range and not twice, thrice or quadruple that. This was all just to work in the word thrice. :)

I’m also excited about a few shirts I bought as well. They’re Sesame Street ringer tees, $9 each. They were also on sale so I basically got two for the price of one. I chose the orange Cookie Monster, of course, as well as the blue Elmo shirt with ticklish written across it. I hesitated for a moment about Elmo because of the massive over exposure in high school (I blame Rosie O’Donnell) but really if you knew how ticklish I am you’d understand that I really should have this shirt. Plus I really like ringer tees, especially the light cotton breathable fabric they frequently come in. I just realized I also have a brown Oscar the Grouch ringer tee with scram written on it. Sesame Street is so cool.

Anywho, everything was on sale and the only possible splurge items were the shirts so I don’t think I really broke the spending less resolution. I was born in New England so I sometimes have a puritanical view of things, like I should deny myself of all extras if I’m trying to save money, but on the other hand I got two shirts for $18 that I’ll wear frequently and I haven’t spent anything on myself since some book shopping in October, except for some things I purchased with birthday and Christmas money.

I’m actually looking forward to my next run to try out the new shoes. :) Yay! I’m also glad that I had choices this time, the past few times I went sneaker shopping the selection was limited, but that’s a whole other kind of blog entry.

Thursday, 20 January, 2005

Inaugural Resolutions

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I suppose my first post on this site should involve divulging my resolutions. Two aren’t really New Year’s resolutions in that I’ve been attempting to do these things for some time now and didn’t first resolve to do them on the new year. One is also an ongoing resolution, but more personal. I do take stock at the new year and amend this resolution. And the last is completely a standard NYR. In no particular order …

1) Spend less money. It’s not that I’m extravagant now or really even in the past but as I am still a student I am still poor. I need to focus on the little purchases that add up. The bag of chips at the grocery store, the snack from the vending machine, etc. I should also try to eat out/order in an average of once a week and bake cookies instead of purchasing them, etc. The details are simply the means to the end and aren’t important specifically.

2) Lose weight. If you know me you can shut it. I don’t think I’m overweight, I know I’m thin and my current work out routine and diet keeps me healthy. And by diet I mean the amount and types of food I eat, not atkins versus south beach. I have, however, been battling a slowing metabolism for about 4-5 years now. I thought the 5-7 pounds I gained in the 2003 holiday season was just that but after bumping up my workout and maintaining the same diet I have not yet lost that weight. I figure that losing 10-12 lbs should get rid of my flab and allow me to display what I believe are sweet abs. I’m not sure, but they feel like the rock hard/flat stomach with a little muscle definition abs and not the crazy woman wrestler doused in vaseline abs. Anyway, the goal is to lose the flab so gaining muscle weight in the process is not a problem.

3) Be able to run 5 miles in a work out session. I currently run 2 miles each time I work out, 3-5 times a week. I also do stretching and pilates for about 45 minutes. I’d like to continue at the pace I’m currently at but just increase my distance. I get bored while running and am terribly slow so a long term goal would be to jog even longer distances and then improve my times on those but I’m trying to be realistic here. Also running 5 miles several times a week does take a bit of time so I am considering that as well.

4) Perhaps because of family situations, perhaps because of simply maturing, I recognize bad habits/attitudes that I have and make a new year’s resolution to actively change them. I’ve done this for a few years now and I have gotten a few comments from people (mostly unexpected sources). The goal is to be a happier and better person. To let the person I know I am actually show to others. To feel like me more often. I think I started hiding myself a bit when I entered school and was teased for clearly being a geek. Even though I’ve long been comfortable with myself as a geek 21 years later I still have some of those masking habits and I’d like to move away from that. If this doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, this resolution is going to be difficult to quantitate anyway. If it does make sense I have already explained enough. :)

So there we go. I briefly considered a resolution to seek out and wear hats for more stylistic purposes than simply functional (winter hat, cap at a football game, etc.) but that conflicts a little with #1. Plus I’m not sure that I can pull off hats. Or that I want to bow to trends. I guess I’ll just be open to hats I see while shopping.

Friday, 14 January, 2005

Welcome to Resblog!

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This is Resblog. The idea is simple: People are more likely to stick to their resolutions (New Year’s or otherwise) if they are monitored by friends, enemies, and even (or is it especially?) strangers. This will be a group blog, so look forward to more posters.

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