Sunday, 6 February, 2005

Accept your defeat, bookstore

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My advisor finally got around to handing out our Christmas presents the other day. And by got around I mean he can move now. He gave us gift certificates to Barnes and Noble again, which is awesome but is also really evil for people who are just encouraged to spend way more than the gift certificate, such as myself. I managed to keep the total to about $45 with a $20 gift certificate which is quite impressive for me. I think part of the reason for that is that I didn’t actually purchase any books. I went in knowing that my reading list is enormous and that I wasn’t going to purchase any paperbacks that I could get any time, just hardcovers. Probably a hardcover of a new release. So, since I had a hard time deciding what to get without having read a review of some of the books and knowing that any history/nonfiction would lengthen my reading list more than a fiction book I decided on a CD and DVD. Jimmy Eat World (Futures) and Anchorman, if you’re interested. I think this definitely falls under the trying to spend less resolution, although if my reading list were shorter I’d probably have the new godfather book, guns, germs and steel, a biography or two and a book on the politics and history of the US from the civil war to vietnam (or later). At least my fiction authors didn’t have new anything out. :) Reading is great.


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