Monday, 6 June, 2005


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I love writing deltas in my lab notebook in lieu of the word change, it’s too bad I can’t type a delta (not seeing any font change to greek options here). I also prefer in lieu to instead.

The only things to change since I last posted are my attitude in general (better) and how I feel after running 2-3 miles (better). Although I haven’t pushed beyond 2.5 to 3 miles because the weather decided to turn hot this week, right when I was comfortable at 2-3 miles again. I think I need to invest in a sweat band. Part of the reason I stop is because I’m blinded by sweat pouring down my face. Mostly just because it’s humid and I can’t breathe though.

I guess you could say the money issue was made worse by the $800 brake repair but I’ve already accepted that and moved on. I’m just happy to have working brakes again. You don’t notice how much they’re impaired (as opposed to just noisy) when the deterioration is slow.


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